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Gestural Symphony No.1


A gay fantasia, part carpeted extravaganza, part dress up- a plush encounter of the erotic kind. The ultimate in sight and sound. GSN.1 is a multidisciplinary work that uses multiple theatrical elements to establish a world that is playful, joyous and erotic.

Directed by Alexa Fraser @alexalaser
Performed by Matthew Winter @matthewcwinter
Track mixed by Vinson Ng (DJ Horsegirl) @vin.5
Dramaturgy by Dominique Wakeland @mx.bukuru
Choreography by Alyssa Martin @itsalyssamartin
Photography by Simone Chnarakis @wurld2000k
Makeup by Andy Le @andyleartistry
Stage Management by Linnea Antos @linnea_antos
Set Builds by Paula Viitanen Aldazosa @paukatariina

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