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Everywhere, in all the courtyards, there are bodies, all those alive have splattered blood on them and are themselves wounded, yet all are radiant, all are embracing and rejoicing.

A thousand torches are brightly burning. Don't you hear?

So don't you then hear?

A collaboration between Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Richard Strauss

just over 100 years ago.

directed by Alexa Fraser
set and lighting design by Josie Lee
costumes by Dominique Hat and Nicola Rough
score and music by Casper Leerink

Baneh Biltaji, Claire Brown
Howard Dai, Maraya Franca
Casper Leerick, Elizabeth Saul
Kaitlin Stoneman, Jack Strudwick
Jamie Sweeney, Jordyn Wood
Matthew Winter, and Jordan Zanni.

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