foot faults in foreplay



August 31 - September 4, 2017

A play filled with profane, possessive, privileged, private, protective, and pleasure-seeking beings in a world that is tightly wound to their individual liking...for some that means a pair of tennis whites and balls. "Foot Faults in Foreplay" is a reworking of "Hell Meets Henry Halfway" a devised play by Pig Iron Theatre Company, which was inspired by 'Possessed" a novel by Witold Gombrowicz. The themes of land and space that were initially introduced in Pig Iron's text were further explored and examined in "Foot Faults in Foreplay." How does one behave after entering a space they have or haven't been invited into? How does one behave when they cannot leave a space they're unwelcome in? How can we explore the effect these characters have on the land they stand and settle on? An exploration of the capacities of tennis related attire, equipment and rules of the game were also a huge part of our work and play. How could we re-imagine tennis-related objects in a new way alongside the purpose they are made for? What do these tennis-related inanimate objects mean to these characters? THEATRE CORPS. pursued these curiosities in collaboration with Pig Iron's text, creating a world that is physical, nuance and playful.

This project was supported by a Creative Spark Vancouver grant disbursed by ArtStarts in Schools and funded by the City of Vancouver.



Directed by Matthew Winter
Assitant Directed by Taylor McGibbon
Devised & Performed by
Ally Baharoon as Walchak
Marina Buston as Maya
Jeremy O'Driscoll as Henry
Mischa Shadloo as Dr.Hincz
Dominique Wakeland as Prince
Jordan Zanni as Ballboy

Special thanks to Alexa Fraser, Dominique Jenkins, Nicola Rough, Jessica Del Fiero, Jonty Davies, Glenn Winter, Steven Hill, Christopher Winter and ArtStarts in Schools Team.